Public Deliverables

D1.1 – Survey Document of Existing Datasets and Data Integration Solutions

D1.4 – Software Requirements: SSM Library for Time Series Modelling and Trend Prediction

D2.1 – Named Entity Recognition and Linking Methods

D2.2 – Requirement Analysis Document

D2.3 – Data Integration Solution

D2.4 – Time Series Operators for MonetDB

D3.1 – A Set of Crowdsourcing Interfaces

D3.2 – A Set of Aggregation Algorithms and Their Experimental Evaluation

D3.3 – Surveys Design and Crowdsourcing Tasks

D4.1 – Report on Text Joins

D4.2 – Demo on Text Joins

D4.3 – Relation Extraction with Stacked Deep Learning

D4.4 – Demo on Relation Extraction

D5.1 – Scalable Crowdsourced Social Media Annotation

D5.2 – Product Taxonomy Linking

D5.3 – Early Demo for Trend Prediction

D5.4 – The Classification Algorithm and its Evaluation on Fashion Time Series

D5.5 – Demo for Trend Prediction

D6.3 – Early Demo on Textual Image Search

D6.5 – Demo on Textual Image Search

D7.1 – Project Factsheet

D7.4 – Showcase Specification

D7.6 – Showcase Specification and Dissemination Summary

D8.2 – Data Management Plan