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The Fashion Brain Team

Members of the FashionBrain team met up for our yearly face to face meeting at Beuth University of Applied Sciences […]

Agreement Measure

In the context of micro-task crowdsourcing, each task is usually performed by several workers. This allows researchers to leverage measures […]

Fashion Taxonomy

We provide a hypertree representation of FashionBrain taxonomy. The FashionBrain taxonomy contains 671 classes of fashion items ordered hierarchically. In […]

FashionBrain Ethics Committee Members

The FashionBrain Project Ethics Committee consists of the following members Natasha Whiteman – Director of Teaching and Learning (Programme Portfolio), […]

The launch of the Big Data Value PPP Steering Committee

The launch of the Big Data Value PPP Steering Committee! Brussels, 13th March Alessandro Checco represented the FashionBrain Project at […]

FashionBrain Kick-off Meeting

On Monday 16th January 2017 the first FashionBrain meeting took place at the European Commission, Euroforum building (EUFO), LUXEMBOURG, with […]